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An One Switch Game

Download JET BOARDER (Free): 2.9 MBytes

Jet Boarder Image

Jet Boarder Image

This is Jet Boarder, a freeware racing game with an interesting twist: It uses only a single key for the controls. Originally create for the One Switch Competition, a competition for one switch games by Retroremakes and One Switch UK. The idea was to make games more accessible to people with disabilities (this doesn't mean Jet Boarder is easy). Press space to turn right, release to turn left. During menus, tap space to change options and keep it pressed to select. Finish the tracks in the least possible time and take care that your energy does not finish while colliding with obstacles!


  • Uses a single key (or mouse or joystick button).
  • Accessible for people with disabilities
  • Eight stages in four different tracks.
  • Real time scaled images.
  • Extreme challenge!


See what some sites say about Jet Boarder:

Caiman: 89%

Game Sport: 85%
Gamesload: 80%

Jet Boarder was also one of the feature games in the cover CD of german magazine Bravo Screenfun

Download JET BOARDER (Free): 2.9 MBytes

Minimum requirements: 800 Mhz CPU with 128 Mbytes of RAM, DirectX compatible soundcardand videocard with 32 Mbytes of RAM. Requires Windows with DirectX (usually already installed in Windows, but it can be download at the Microsoft site). Jet Boarder © 2003 Leandro Correia - Free distribution, as long as you keep the game without changes and with its original documentation. If you want to distribute this software in a CD-ROM magazine, please contact me before (don't worry, I'll just ask for an issue of it). ;)