Leandro Correia

Education or fun? Why not both?

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Meet Smart Panda, a game different from everything you've ever seen: part action, part education, and completely funny! Your objective is o control a cute panda and try to solve the math problems that appear at the screen top-left, racing against time (the green bar at the screen right) and running away from many enemies! The faster you solve the problems, more points and time you'll get!

With animated characters, and easy to play, Smart Panda is possibly the only game that mixes that classic platform games action with math thinking, in five diferent scenes, each one with its own surprises.

Besides that, SMART PANDA has a quality digital audio soundtrack with stereo sound FX, and it's fully customizable, allowing you even to choose which math operations you want to practice in 10 different difficult levels.

The game has even many special video FX like water reflexes, dust particles, rain, storms, screen distortion, clouds and even weather changes!

And besides the traditional highscore table, the registered version emits a certificate that can be saved for the best players!

  • The only one game that mixes action and education
  • Five different scenes (only two in demo version), each one with its own surprises.
  • Many special FX
  • Melodic sound FX with stereo sound FX
  • No more highscore saving only. The registered version emits certifications that you can save and later show to your friends!
  • Much cheaper than most educational softwares!

See what some sites say about this software:

Caiman: 99%
Softsea: 80%
Free Hry: 87%

Click here to download the demo version of SMART PANDA (free)
Click here to buy this software and use all its features (US$ 8.90)

Mininum requirements: Pentium 233 Mhz with 32 Mbytes de RAM, sound card compatible with DirectX and videocard with 32 Mbytes of RAM. Requires Windows with DirectX (usually installed in Windows, but can be downloaded freely at Microsoft). Digital Manual included in the file. We cannot guarantee compatibility with all equipments. Smart Panda © 2003 Leandro Correia - Piracy of this software is a crime, and worst than that, can stop the design of new games even better than this one. Please don't make illegal copies of this software, OK? ;)