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Remake of an MSX game

Download Skooter (Free): 1.9 MBytes

Skooter Image

Skooter Image


Skooter is a freeware. It's the remake of an old game for the MSX 8-bits computer. This remake was made the most faithfully possible to the original, with slightly modified graphics. The objective is simple: control your Skooter robot and get the four items at each screen to complete each one of the 16 stages of the game. A great puzzle!

To play Skooter, use arrows and space (joystick also supported). Space destroy green blocks. Red blocks cannot be destroyed. Arrow blocks move by themselves. Diamond blocks can be pushed. Blue arrows push items (only when they are not blocked).

Thanks to Ronald Pieket Weeserik (author of the original game) for his support.


  • Sixteen different stages
  • Gameplay faithful to the original game
  • Easy to learn, hard to finish

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Caiman: 89%

Ytanium: BEST 4/4
Home of the Underdogs: TOP DOG

Download Skooter (Free): 1.9 MBytes

Minimum requirements: 800 Mhz processor with 128 Mbytes of RAM, DirectX compatible soundcard and a videocard with 16 Mbytes of RAM. Requires Windows with DirectX (usually already installed in Windows, but it can be download at the Microsoft site). Free distribution, as long as you keep the game without changes and with its original documentation. If you want to distribute this software in a CD-ROM magazine, please contact me before (don't worry, I'll just ask for an issue of it). ;)