Leandro Correia
Here you can know all the games designed by me

Smart Panda


SMART PANDA is a fun mix of educational software with action game. Try to solve the math operations that appear at the screen top-left, but running away from dozens of enemies and racing against time! Perfect for those that like action and/or want to train math. Click here to know more.

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Jet Boarder  

JET BOARDER is a racing game that uses a single key. Created for the One Switch Competition, a competition in which the objective was to create a game that could be configurated and played with just a single key. Press space to turn right and release it to turn left. In menus, quickly tap the space bar to change your option and hold it for a longer time to choose. Click here to know more:.

Download full game (Freeware): 2.9 MBytes


SKOOTER is a addictive puzzle. Remake from an old game for the MSX computers, in this game the objective is to control the defenseless Skooter robot to get all screen items. To play, use arrows and space (joystick also supported). Space destroy green blocks. Red blocks can't be destroyed. Blocks with arrows move by themselves. Diamond blocks can be pushed. Blue arrows push items (only when not blocked). Click here to know more.

Download da versão completa (Freeware): 1.9 MBytes